Turn Reactions into Decisions

We are surrounded by data more and more each day and we’ve been told that this data should help us make smarter decisions; but do you feel like you have been given the space to stop reacting?  Are you making smarter decisions? Or are you still trapped in urgent rapid-fire reactions?

This is especially true when it comes to executing on your task management after phase-in, after the first few months of performance and as the years progress.  At each trigger point, your PMO should be reducing reactions and should be smoothly executing on your tasks in a predictable and ever improving manner.  And one way to accomplish this is to implement systems that allow for increased collaboration and transparency.  Systems that automate data collection and administrative tasks so you can think critically about the important items.

PMO systems should allow you to pinpoint higher priorities, flag urgent items, and get ahead of issues before they paralyze your organization.

Data collection and analytics need to be core features of your next PMO system so you can turn your reactions into decisions.

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