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Assumed Identity, Making your PMO System More Secure…We Promise

Welcome to your new PMO System! As a part of your implementation process, we are going to train you to become a super admin.  Don’t worry, our iSite team will still be here to help with bugs and issues, but we are giving you the power to set up your users and help them troubleshoot. With this capability you will no longer have to wait on our time to make sure your folks have proper access, to make sure that your folks are seeing what they should be seeing, and to help your folks with the first line of support.

You are empowered!

And, to make it even better, we have given you this power while at the same time ensuring that you can experience exactly what your user is experiencing, assist them remotely,  and not expose their password.

In short, iSite gives you the power to assume the identity of any of your users.

This functionality allows you to:

  1. Massume-userake sure that once a user is set up they are seeing exactly what they should be seeing (per their role and security group) and, conversely, not seeing what they should not be seeing. This takes all of the guesswork out of setting up users. You don’t have to grant them access with your eyes covered, you can grant access fully confident that you have not compromised your data integrity in any way.
  2. Quickly and easily troubleshoot any issues they are having without having to literally stand over their shoulder. By being able to experience their exact issue you can resolve any issue faster, identify a need for additional training, or escalate more quickly to the iSite support team.
  3. Ensure password integrity. Enough said.

It is also important to note that the power to assume identity is only available to users with the highest security role in their iSite instance; and before any conspiracy theories go viral every time a users’ identity is assumed it is automatically noted and tracked.

Email to learn more about how iSite’s PMO System can help you provide excellent user experience while maintaining security.

Please stand behind the yellow line

Airports, the post office, passport control, the DMV, the bank, heck even the deli where you get your lunch.

We have all been there and we all know the drill:  you have to wait behind the line until you are called and you can never, ever, go behind the counter.

No one questions it.

It is natural.

Of course, no one enjoys waiting in line, but can you imagine the chaos if we didn’t follow these norms?

The same need for order and security applies to managing your contract.

Having granular security permissions allows your contract management team to determine who can see what, who can edit what, and what needs to be hidden or locked from whom.

Once you establish your security permissions you no longer have to worry about accidently sending incomplete or inaccurate data to your customer, access is maintained automatically.

And as we have seen with other features of contract management software automation reduces risk, increases efficiencies and helps you succeed.

Send an email to to learn more about how iSite can help keep your data secure.