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Top 3 Ways to keep your PMO on Track

The best time to start thinking about winning your re-compete? The day you win the first award.  Keeping your PMO on track from the first day will keep your competition at arm’s length and will help ensure that your Government client has only good things to say about your performance.

Here are just three ways that iSite can help you keep your PMO on track as you manage your contract tasks.

  1. Workflows

Smart workflows keep your systems and steps moving forward.  There are assigned responsibility, defined actions, and specific steps. In a solid workflow, there is no worry about a missed action and there is redundancy built in so there is no unforeseen delay.


Using workflows will help you show progress and will help you engage in a smart way with your Government clients.


  1. Eliminate Data Delay

iSite is a neutral system that allows appropriate users to access data they need in order to do their jobs in an efficient and smart way. By pushing data into iSite, your systems of record are not impacted, your team in charge of maintaining your systems of record don’t have to be sidetracked in order to respond to data requests and appropriate users have instant access to the data they need in order to answer client questions and manage their tasks.

  1. Capture and Review Historical Data

Improving performance is a great goal, but unless you have a tool that allows you to capture and evaluate historical past performance you are not using data to make improvement decisions. By taking advantage of one system to manage your tasks you are setting your team up for success when it comes to critical post-mortem conversations.

Put an end to Your Email Problem for your PMO

When it comes to managing your Government contract emails can be the straw that breaks the back of your success.

You might have the best folder system in place or you might be the shining star of email management; but you know there is always that worry that you have forgotten to respond to a critical question or that you have forwarded the wrong document or you have divulged organizationally sensitive information to the wrong

Emails are our default, but they are old technology; the good news is that there is a better way to streamline your PMO communications and protect yourself from email’s pitfalls.

The first would be to utilize a discussion forum or instant message within a tool or application your organization uses.  For task management, iSite includes an entire module that is dedicated to discussions. The module, as with the entire tool, is regulated by security roles and groups so you never have to worry about which ‘msmith’ is reading your messages, and you are alerted when there is a reply or discussion topic directed at you.

The second would be to use a centralized document library to file all appropriate documents.  Of course, you will still need a pretty savvy folder system, but the automation of version control and the ability to set security on each document prevents you from kicking yourself as you try to retrieve a sent email.

We might never get rid of email, but by using tools and systems to their fullest capability you are one step ahead of the most common email problems and you now work smarter, not harder to successfully manage your Government contract.

Let Technology Transform Your PMO into a System

CEB is out with a great article boasting the benefits of technology finally coming out of the proverbial IT closet and into the mainstream of different offices and functions. And, I think we can all agree, it is about time. Embracing technology and the data that it can produce is the first step in allowing folks to get back to their job functions: making decisions, working smarter, moving the target closer to the mark.

“For any manager – in public administration or private business – getting the most from technology is now as fundamental a management skill as managing a team.”


Of course, it is equally important to embrace the change as it is to make sure that you are picking the proper technological tool that will help you advance your organization. And this takes careful consideration. In an era where data (and data sharing) is expected it is easy to rush into a quick solution or solutions.  How many different tools do you need to access each day in order to capture all of that great data? Has this really transformed your organization in a good way? Or has it simply shifted where you focus most of your efforts? Are you managing your technology or is it managing you?

We would suggest taking a systems approach when considering introducing new technology to your team.  When considering new tools ask these questions:

  1. Is this technology reducing my amount of effort and increasing my productivity?
  2. Can this technology offer greater transparency?
  3. Does the output that this technology produces make it easier for our organization to make decisions?
  4. Will this technology help give us a competitive advantage?
  5. How can I use this technology to bring meaningful change to my entire organization?

To learn more about how iSite can help your PMOs function as an efficient and smart system email us at