Solving Problems, Not Selling Products

On Election Day, our team at iSite wanted to make a pledge to you, our platform (if you will) is to solve PMO and CMS inefficiencies and lack of transparency. We will help you find automation where automation is needed. We will streamline reporting. We will save you time and money.

You, our constituents, are critical to our success, but we know not all of you will buy our system. And that is okay. We know we are not the perfect fit for each PMO or CMS need. And that is okay.

We ask is that you take the time to tell us your story. Where could you use the most improvement? What points of failure could we help solve?

We ask that you take the time to understand what iSite could do for you. Does it help make you more competitive? Does it help reduce the number of systems you are currently using?

We ask that you take the time to fully explain to us your current process.

We ask that you take the time to work through any assumptions.

And finally, we ask for open dialogue.   Let our team of experts help you uncover iSite’s potential for your organization or identify where iSite might not be a perfect fit. But above all be willing to have the conversation and trust us, we want to solve problems, not sell products.

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