Let Technology Transform Your PMO into a System

CEB is out with a great article boasting the benefits of technology finally coming out of the proverbial IT closet and into the mainstream of different offices and functions. And, I think we can all agree, it is about time. Embracing technology and the data that it can produce is the first step in allowing folks to get back to their job functions: making decisions, working smarter, moving the target closer to the mark.

“For any manager – in public administration or private business – getting the most from technology is now as fundamental a management skill as managing a team.”


Of course, it is equally important to embrace the change as it is to make sure that you are picking the proper technological tool that will help you advance your organization. And this takes careful consideration. In an era where data (and data sharing) is expected it is easy to rush into a quick solution or solutions.  How many different tools do you need to access each day in order to capture all of that great data? Has this really transformed your organization in a good way? Or has it simply shifted where you focus most of your efforts? Are you managing your technology or is it managing you?

We would suggest taking a systems approach when considering introducing new technology to your team.  When considering new tools ask these questions:

  1. Is this technology reducing my amount of effort and increasing my productivity?
  2. Can this technology offer greater transparency?
  3. Does the output that this technology produces make it easier for our organization to make decisions?
  4. Will this technology help give us a competitive advantage?
  5. How can I use this technology to bring meaningful change to my entire organization?

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