Data Driven Decisions for Task Management

GovTech is out with a reflective article today looking at how cities are embracing technology.  As cool as this is they are quick to the point that

“Technology makes it cool, but data is what makes it smart.”

This is a statement that iSite can get behind. When we talk to our larger community about implementing more technology into their world we face two types of reactions: Awesome! The more technology the better, or Really, another tool I have to log into every day?

These are sentiments that everyone should be able to understand, adding more technology does not always help ease our burdens and sometimes it increases the amount of time it takes to get anything done; but not all tools are created equal.

When you evaluate tools and systems to bring into your organization dig into evaluating how they allow you to report on or capture data. Are they helping you make smarter decisions? Can they capture information that you have never considered using in an evaluation because to collect it manually would have cost you, at least, an extra body? How can you make this new tool work harder for you so you can work smarter?

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