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Stand Out in a Crowd

The status quo, blending in, being a wallflower, going incognito. Some situations call for us to follow the rest of the herd.  There can be comfort in it, protection, peace of mind.Stand Out

But when you are one of 100 other contractors bidding on a recently released RFP, well we don’t have to tell you that blending in is not the best approach.

Join us for a conversation on July 19th to learn how proposing solutions and innovative ideas can help you stand out in this crowd.

Join us on July 19th for a Conversation About Increasing Your Win Rate

All contractors face similar issues running and managing their PMO, but few contractors propose tools and systems as a part of their PMO strategy because they believe these add unnecessary costs.Win Rate

Join us for a conversation about how this type of logic is decreasing your win probability and learn how incorporating the right tool and taking the time to establish the right systems will not only reduce the overall cost of running your PMO but will also increase your chances of winning that next award.