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Fall 2017 Release – Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional security layer to prevent unauthorized system and data access.

Ramping up to FedRAMP

As many of you know iSite is in its last stages for becoming FedRAMP compliant and we are excited to offer you the level of security and comfort that a FedRAMP certification brings to the table.

In a recent meeting our team was covering some security FAQs and we were surprised when we were not asked about FedRAMP certification, but rather FISMA compliance; and it occurred to the team that we might need to do some research for you all and help get the word out about how FISMA and FedRAMP stack up next to each other. After all, it is one thing for our team to understand the benefits of a FedRAMP certification, but it’s another thing altogether for you all to understand as well.

During our research, we came across a fantastic whitepaper from the folks over at CoalFire. It’s well worth the read for you to better understand how FIMSA and FedRAMP are related; why FedRAMP is what you should be looking for; and how FedRAMP brings more than security to the table.

If you have any questions about iSite’s FedRAMP compliance email us at

3 Reasons Lockdown is not a four letter word

Three: We are not in prison

But your documents are. Storing your contract documents in a data warehouse with check-out or locked status ensures that not too many cooks are in the kitchen at once so you don’t have to edit the edits that you thought were already edited.

Top 3

Your PMO should have a level of lock down.

Two: Restricted access

Granular security permissions ensure that only those who need to know, know. Subs, customers, individual task managers. Everyone can access what they need without exposing all of your contract data.

One: Look but don’t touch

View only optional settings allow you give view only access to in-line managers or your customer while giving you the comfort that your data is not corrupted.


To learn how a program management suite like iSite can help you with the right type of lockdown for your organization email us at

Data silos, more than a bad idea

Silos are by design a structure for storing bulk materials, in segregation from other materials; but I am sure you know that’s not what we are talking about here.

We are, in fact, talking about the sometimes good, sometimes bad organizational silo.

Organizational silos occur when groups do not share information that would be beneficial to the success of, well anything.

Now before you think we have turned all total transparency on you, don’t worry. The only data silo you need to avoid is the one that segments critical information from critical staff.

Unless you are using the right tool you are often put in a no-win situation: share everything and risk subcontractors learning your competitive advantage for future contracts. Share nothing and risk missing opportunities for improvement and stickiness.

A good contract management tool will create an environment with security permissions and controls that allow any user to only access the information that they need. And that is nothing short of win-win.

Send an email to to learn how iSite eliminates unnecessary data silos while still protecting data with permission based security.

Please stand behind the yellow line

Airports, the post office, passport control, the DMV, the bank, heck even the deli where you get your lunch.

We have all been there and we all know the drill:  you have to wait behind the line until you are called and you can never, ever, go behind the counter.

No one questions it.

It is natural.

Of course, no one enjoys waiting in line, but can you imagine the chaos if we didn’t follow these norms?

The same need for order and security applies to managing your contract.

Having granular security permissions allows your contract management team to determine who can see what, who can edit what, and what needs to be hidden or locked from whom.

Once you establish your security permissions you no longer have to worry about accidently sending incomplete or inaccurate data to your customer, access is maintained automatically.

And as we have seen with other features of contract management software automation reduces risk, increases efficiencies and helps you succeed.

Send an email to to learn more about how iSite can help keep your data secure.