June, 2017

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Boosting Your Reports with Data Visualization

You’ve taken the first step and are now using a centralized tool for round out the functionality of your PMO systems, and the biggest benefit so far? Reports, near instant, informative reports at your fingertips.

Now, what do you do with your free time?  Make your reports shine.  Now that you are not swamped with report creation, you can now take a step back and make sure that your reports quickly and easily communicate your data, highlight important details, and engage the recipient.

The folks over at HubSpot have a free web guide to help you become a data-visualization wizard.  Your PMO will shine, your client will be wow-ed.  What could be better?

New NASA Procurement Requirements…iSite Can Help

In late March of 2017, NASA issued a Procurement Notice for revision of NFS 1832.702-70 – Termination Liability (NFS Case 2015-N034) with the purpose to ‘incorporate the guidance regarding termination liability under incrementally funded contracts’.

The goal of this update for NASA to easily be able to understand the liability NASA would face in the case of a potential termination along with the costs of performing work on the contract so the Government is able to limit the amount of funds obligated on the contract.

This new requirement is asking for a higher level of transparency and insight into your PMO finances and a tool like iSite helps facilitate this type of oversight.

iSite’s PMO tool already captures all of the information you need in order to meet this requirement.  Email us to learn how we can help you save time and keep in compliance.

We’ve included the text of the procurement notice below for your reference.

If you have any questions or would like to learn how iSite can help you, contact us at marketing@isitellc.com