January, 2017

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Build Trust? Insert Transparency

You don’t have to read expert opinions or review surveys to know that trust, across the board, is lower today than it has been in years. Trust in Government. Trust in Companies. Trust in Each Other.

The important question for 2017 is how can we start to build trust again? And, because it is 2017, what technologies can help us in this endeavor?

At iSite, we have always preached transparency in order to build trust between organizational departments, stakeholders, and your clients.

Our PMO Solution brings all appropriate financial data front and center, removes barriers for access data, and empowers everyone to track the financial health of your Government contract.

We offer this without exposing your proprietary data.  We call it Comfortable Transparency.

The financial insights that iSite offers gives everyone controlled access to data that used to be hidden or near difficult to access. It provides a level of detail to everyone involved in a specific contract’s execution that cannot be easily replicated with another process.

Think of iSite as one tool that can help you build and cement trust now, and for future bids.

Email marketing@isitellc.com to learn more.

NASA – LaRC Flags iSite for 3rd Government Provided Electronic Contract Management System

GAITHERSBURG, MD – January 3, 2017 – iSite, LLC today announced its Electronic Contract Management System (ECMS) has been listed as the tool that NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) intends to select for the upcoming TEAMS 3 Award, as noted in the Q&A released on 11/3/2016.  With this selection, NASA LaRC will be providing iSite’s software platform for a third contract as they continue to build a streamlined approach for managing contracts across their NASA Center.


iSite provides a commercially available off-the-shelf system that enables clients to facilitate the contract management process.  From creating, scheduling and approving contract activities to planning and managing resources, iSite is an end-to-end system that allows for increased communication, redundancy and efficiency for the Government and selected contractors.


“iSite provides a best-in-class, proven solution to large-scale government contract management problems and we are thrilled to have been flagged to work with NASA for the third contract”,  said Scott Wickham, Chief Software Architect, iSite, LLC.  “As we value our continued relationship with this Government agency, we also look forward to working with the contractors NASA chooses to ensure a smooth implementation.”


NASA LaRC initially engaged with iSite, LLC for their LITES 2 contract to leverage an existing tool that they would not have to build, host or maintain. iSite enables the Government, contractors, and subcontractors to engage in smart, cost-saving contract management processes; a consistent system that improves institutional knowledge and reduces single points of failure.  After a successful implementation, the CO, COR and TMs discovered an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability in Government contracting.  The LITES 2 success resulted in an expansion to STARS 3 and is now expected to be selected as the ECMS of choice for a third contract.


iSite, LLC is leading the way to a new approach for contract management and has been sold directly to Government agencies and Government contractors. The company has created a secure tool that can be implemented beyond a single contract, that encourages increased collaboration, that allows for the flattening of organizational structures, and that allows the Government to mandate a streamlined status quo of best practices for contractors.  iSite establishes workflows, ingests financial data, allows for cost estimating, and reduces the effort for reporting and more comprehensive features.


“iSite LLC’s platform obviates the need for a Contractor to bring a Contract Management System to a Government contract which may be of questionable value and quality, forcing the Government to have to rely on that expensive solution for the duration of the contract, while running the risk that the system may not be available on the follow-on contract if the incumbent isn’t selected,” continued Scott Wickham.



About iSite, LLC


iSite, LLC is a SDVOSB provider of cloud-based, FedRAMP-compliant and Section 508-compliant contract management software to Government contractors as well as Government agencies.  Our iSite® software has been deployed on numerous contracts across NASA, The Airforce, and The Department of State.  iSite is consistently mentioned as a SIGNIFICANT STRENGTH in source selection statements. Government agencies who implement our software represent a shift away from “contractor-provided” software solutions and a migration towards a common, standard and familiar tool for contract management, with the ability to manage multiple contracts at once. Government contractors who implement our software represent a shift towards smarter PMO management.


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