How well are you really communicating?

“The single biggest problem in communicating is the illusion that is has taken place”

– George Bernard Shaw

We all know this is old news, and we were all promised that the advent of new technology supposed to help us increase our ability to communicate.  And, well that is still true.  We can now reach almost anyone at the click of a button, but this does not solve the crux of the issue, we might still be failing to actually communicate.

In a study published in the Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, email writers thought readers would correctly identify the tone of their emails about 78% of the time. In reality? Only 56% of emails were interpreted accurately.

This simple study proves the point, it is not about the types of tools or systems you incorporate, it is still how you use them that is important to success especially in today’s office where we are asked to be more transparent and more collaborative.

No matter if you are still using email as your main form of communication or if you are using a more collaborative tool such as iSite, with its built-in discussion boards; keep in mind that you might just be miscommunicating with higher frequency so don’t forget to keep the dialogue going, and to pick up the phone as soon as you think that there has been a missed or mixed message.

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