Trend Alert: Increase your efficiency

As a business owner, you hear all the time that you need to stay ahead of the curve, find new ways to secure your competitive edge, increase your profits, succeed.

You’ve read all the books, you’ve attended the seminars and you have scoured social media. You even made your way to this post where we are going to let you in on a not so big secret.

In order to succeed, you need to find ways to continuously increase your efficiencies.

The good news is that we are not talking about increasing efficiencies at Moore’s law’s pace, but rather we are suggesting that you focus on two keywords every time you evaluate an existing system or consider implementing a new one: automation and integration.

Will this new system automate a process or will it just add to the long list of sources you need to review in order to calculate yet another metric?

Does this new system integrate with your existing systems or does it just give you yet another password to remember?

Is there a tool out there that will run your metrics (and the metrics your bosses or clients need) automatically and in real time?

Is there a tool out there that will finally give you the birds-eye-view of all of your on-going contracts or projects?

Increasing efficiencies is a trend that is never going to go away and by asking yourself if the new technologies, tools, and ideas that come across your desk help automate and integrate you are going to stay well ahead of this curve.



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