Top 5 reasons your contract data should be centralized

5. Transparency, the way you like it

When your contract data is centralized in a permission based system you control who sees what, who can edit what, and who needs to be alerted.  We are not talking about telling everyone everything, but rather making sure that those who need to know, know.

4.  Insight without Impact

The ability to upload data from any other existing and siloed system into a central location allows task managers to analyze without impacting the systems of record. And believe us when we say your accountants will do a rare happy dance when they hear this news.

3.  Version Control

Enough said, but we will add a few more thoughts.  Knowing, we mean really knowing, that you are working from the correct version of estimates, funding, or other contract related data is critical for contract management success.

2. Save Time

Having one location for all your contract data reduces the number of clicks, searches, and inquires you have to execute which not only saves you time but also gets you to our number one reason….

1. Save Money

Centralizing your contract data increases efficiencies and the more efficiently you are able to execute your task management the more you shine as a money-saving contract manager.


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