Ramping up to FedRAMP

As many of you know iSite is in its last stages for becoming FedRAMP compliant and we are excited to offer you the level of security and comfort that a FedRAMP certification brings to the table.

In a recent meeting our team was covering some security FAQs and we were surprised when we were not asked about FedRAMP certification, but rather FISMA compliance; and it occurred to the team that we might need to do some research for you all and help get the word out about how FISMA and FedRAMP stack up next to each other. After all, it is one thing for our team to understand the benefits of a FedRAMP certification, but it’s another thing altogether for you all to understand as well.

During our research, we came across a fantastic whitepaper from the folks over at CoalFire. It’s well worth the read for you to better understand how FIMSA and FedRAMP are related; why FedRAMP is what you should be looking for; and how FedRAMP brings more than security to the table.

If you have any questions about iSite’s FedRAMP compliance email us at marketing@isitellc.com

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