Heads Up! It’s quarterly development release time again.

As you know, here at iSite we are always striving to add new features and functionality to your system. These updates allow our team to incorporate some of your common requests to make iSite work harder for you as well as back-end functionality and structure improvement so iSite continues to perform optimally in an ever-changing technical world.

After we roll out the new features we will post more in-depth details here on our blog so be sure to check the site in the next couple of weeks or send an email to marketing@isitellc.com requesting to be added to our monthly blog summary newsletter. We also keep our LinkedIn community updated so be sure to follow us on LinkedIn!

You will benefit many updates in one of our largest quarterly releases.  We’ve outlined 4 major items below.

new login screen

A sneak peak at the new login page


  1. Improved Navigation and Layout

This functionality update checks off the box of keeping iSite current to new best practices and standards for software tools including a huge step forward to iSite becoming responsive to any display or device you access your instance on, decreasing page size so speed is increased, and increasing useful content on internal pages.

We’ve reclaimed unused space and made iSite smarter,faster and more stable for our users.

  1. Milestones and Deliverables Module

We heard you!  And have built a specific module for milestones and deliverables.  Y199498-200ou can now take advantage date driven fields for all of the milestones your team needs to tackle to successfully execute on a task. You will be able to pull reports on start dates, and due dates to quickly establish the status of any milestone so your team can have focused and actionable conversations throughout the execution of the task specifically and contract at large.

We’ve eliminated clunky workarounds so you have a streamlined process to track all milestones for successful task completion.

  1. Updates to your Inbox

The team has made some small changes to your iSite inbox so it more closely adheres to industry best practices and standards.

  1. New Funding Obligation Functionality

Finally, specifically for our Government clients, we have added the ability to automate PR/PO creation and the ability to send this data to your ERP. This will eliminate custom workarounds and allow you to send batched data in file reports as you see fit.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our new product releases and remember to check out our new website and LinkedIn company page for all of the latest news and information.

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