Put an end to Your Email Problem for your PMO

When it comes to managing your Government contract emails can be the straw that breaks the back of your success.

You might have the best folder system in place or you might be the shining star of email management; but you know there is always that worry that you have forgotten to respond to a critical question or that you have forwarded the wrong document or you have divulged organizationally sensitive information to the wrong msmith@wrongcompany.com.

Emails are our default, but they are old technology; the good news is that there is a better way to streamline your PMO communications and protect yourself from email’s pitfalls.

The first would be to utilize a discussion forum or instant message within a tool or application your organization uses.  For task management, iSite includes an entire module that is dedicated to discussions. The module, as with the entire tool, is regulated by security roles and groups so you never have to worry about which ‘msmith’ is reading your messages, and you are alerted when there is a reply or discussion topic directed at you.

The second would be to use a centralized document library to file all appropriate documents.  Of course, you will still need a pretty savvy folder system, but the automation of version control and the ability to set security on each document prevents you from kicking yourself as you try to retrieve a sent email.

We might never get rid of email, but by using tools and systems to their fullest capability you are one step ahead of the most common email problems and you now work smarter, not harder to successfully manage your Government contract.

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