Ready to print?

Are you sure? You’ve checked that you have the correct version of the document open and you do so hit print…

When you get to the printer it is spitting out twice as many pages as you thought it should, crap you realize you forgot to make sure that you set it to fit to one page.

Okay, back at the computer, you’ve set it to fit to one page.

This time when the printer spits out your document the data is so small that not even the person with the best eyesight in the company will be able to read it.

Maybe if you switch page orientation.

Nope, that just made the print even smaller.

Wasted Time

Don’t waste time configuring a print-ready report!

Maybe if you expand the margins, or if you play with how many pages it fits too?

Nope, now the data bleeds over pages and it is impossible to line up the proper headers from the first page to the second.

Okay, what if you repeat the top row on each page? And add gridlines? Yes, that’s looking better (you’ve even remembered to view the print preview this time!).

Back to the printer. But where are the other worksheets, why did it just print the first one?

Once again back at the computer, you have remembered to print the entire workbook this time and on your walk back to the printer you realize you have just wasted countless sheets of paper and an hour of your day printing one report for a meeting you are now going to be late for.

One of the best features of many SaaS tools is the amount of data they can hold, manipulate, and report on for you and your team. The information displays great in the system, but extracting it for meetings, to file away, to send to your client, or just to take it offline can be one of the most frustrating parts of your day. Be sure to ask your SaaS tool provider if they have made sure that their reports are print ready. This feature can often be overlooked during vendor selection, but when it comes to increasing efficiency and reducing your frustration it is a feature that is much appreciated.

Email to see how iSite’s print ready functionality can help you.

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