Plot Your Course – Prepare for Adjustments

The question is how often do you adjust?


In the realm of financial decisions do you wait until the month closes or do you (can you) adjust in real time?


How to you balance the desires of your PMO and Executives with Accounting?


Accountants want to wait until financial data is closed before making any decisions.  Closed data is final, accurate, reliable.


PMOs and Executives want to be able to make planning decisions faster, smarter, with data rather than assumptions.


And neither group is wrong, we just need to add some additional parameters to bring everyone Adjusttogeather.


The first is using a PMO System that clearly identifies interim data for what it is. Interm. And you need to create a company culture where everyone understands and is comfortable with using interim data for short-term adjustments.


This means making sure that Accounting trusts that long term planning is still going to wait for closed data and that they will not be held accountable for interim data.


It also means that your PMO understands that just because data is available in the interim, and just because they manage employees, hours and tasks in real time; it does not mean that every decision should be made based on this type of data.


Finding the balance between smart short term decisions and strategic long-term planning can exist, and if your PMO System is still weighed down by the delay of closed data email us at to see how we can help.

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