I had no idea iSite did that – Revised

We are happy to announce that iSite keeps on adding enhancements, updates, and new features to our PMO platform.  Most recently we have added more prominence to revision or modification numbers; you know those numbers that help keep you on track when the Government adds task scope after you won the award.


Now for those of you who are familiar with iSite, you are right, we have always had this capability, but what is new is the way we are displaying them and controlling them.


Rev Mod Number Highlight

Rev or Mod numbers are highlighted in their own bubble

These numbers are now highlighted anywhere a task number is displayed in their very own bubble.  No need to search or dig into data to try and capture what task revision you are viewing.


We have also added new functionality on how you can control adding revision numbers to a task.  These numbers can be set to auto-generate based on criteria set up for a workflow or administrators can edit the revision number.


Finally, to help streamline even more process in your PMO if an admin changes any task properties they Rev Mod Auto Confirmwill be prompted to save these modifications as a new revision.



Increasing efficiency, automating actions and helping your PMO with improved process is all in a days work for your team here at iSite.


Email marketing@isitellc.com to learn more.

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