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Welcome back to our series on how iSite works and how you can make it work harder for you! As we’ve told you in the past the best and worst thing about building an agnostic contract management tool is that it can be tailored to fit any contractor or Government agency need.  All our clients love what iSite does for them on a regular basis, but we have found that once folks get settled into their iSite routine they sometimes forget that there is more…


This time around we are going to focus on interim data.


Critical for building transparency with your client.


Essential for making better, faster decisions.


The question is how do you access it before your month is closed in a way that does not stress your accounting team (or in the case of labor, that does not require anyone to double enter time)?


In iSite the answer is easy. We have specifically built data tables for interim data. These tables are static and are meant to function only with the most recently uploaded data.  There is no historical record and there is no impact on your final cost reports.


Our interim data tables accept four types of data (all with associated dollar values):

  • Unposted labor
  • In-process travel
  • Purchase requests
  • Commitments

And in turn, this data will show up in your cost reports as you pull, analyze, and discuss them during the month.

The data allows for planning to take place before issues are critical, for conversations to be started before critical mass.

Incorporating uploads of this data into your PMO management process creates a culture of trust and demonstrates a true PMO System, you are no longer just executing on set actions then reporting on them, you are now working within a system that allows for smarter, faster, better decisions based on near real-time data.

Want to learn more about how iSite’s PMO System approach can help your team win your next bid? Email marketing@isitellc.com.

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