I had no idea iSite did that – Christmas in July Edition

Welcome back to our series on how iSite works and how you can make it work harder for you! As we’ve told you in the past the best and worst thing about building an agnostic contract management tool is that it can be tailored to fit any contractor or Government agency need.  All  our clients love what iSite does for them on a regular basis, but we have found that once folks get settled into their iSite routine they sometimes forget that there is more….

iSite PMO

Use iSite’s custom lists to track just about anything.

For this edition, we are reminding you that iSite allows you to make your list and check it twice! Yes, perhaps even to discover who has been naughty or nice.

By putting our custom list feature through its paces you can create custom data tables that allow approved users to contribute to, manipulate, review, and report on any type of data set without having to rely on excel or access.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to be able to track everyone on the team who has access to a project credit card. You simply need to go into the custom list builder, set the data fields you would like to collect (name, role, credit card limit, and expiration date for example); enter your initial data; then turn the list over to iSite users to maintain.

Want your financial users to be able to see credit limits but not your task managers? No problem, custom views can be setup via roles and security permissions.

Want to maintain historical versions for audit purposes? No problem, you can setup historical tracking with the click of a button.

Want to be sure that users are only viewing final data in lists? Easy enough, just opt into the approval workflow.

Now, setting up credit card users is just one example of how your contract management team can really put custom lists to work for you and your success.

Other clients track and capture receipts for one-off expenses; track KPIs and collect data for employee reviews; establish feedback forms for process improvement; build custom announcements….

The possibilities for other uses are truly limitless and even better by using custom lists in iSite you now have all of your data in one place which means our team can help build custom reports and work on cross-module data integration.

Want to learn more about how custom lists can work for your team? Email us at marketing@isitellc.com

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