Nervous Tic

Prepare yourself, we are getting ready to set off your nervous tic.

Not on purpose, but rather because we are going to recommend something that might make you feel uncomfortable.

frog-48234__340You should grant customer access to your iSite instance.

There we said it and you read it. Are you twitching yet?

Keep reading. It will get better, we promise.

Remember iSite is a permission-based tool and iSite allows you to push only the data you want others to gain access to into your instance.

So you keep control or your data and AT THE SAME TIME empower COs to answer their own questions faster.

You get to stop reacting to last minute urgent requests, and they deliver answers up the chain more efficiently.

You can set up automatic delivery of reports, show draft information, and allow for access to final reports.

All of the sudden you are the proactive cost saving PMO that just became essential to helping your customer shine in their job.

Email to learn more.

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