Lesson Learned: Keep on Learning!

As the folks over at Harvard Business Review remind us lifelong learning has a wide-ranging positive impact on our day-to-day, relationship and lifetime success.

And I would add to this list that continuous learning also helps your career success. Of course, this means we all need to free our over-booked work-selves up enough to learn from past performance and evaluate data to the point that we can take off any blinders and evaluate lessons learned.

Implementing smart systems is a great first step to achieving this goal.  Remember a system is more than tools you purchase, more than the process you put in place, more than employees you hire; a system is all of these and more.

Take a Program Management Office, for example. If you are a small Government contractor you might only have one PMO dedicated to one contract, but if you are on the medium to large side you are likely trying to balance several PMOs all with different contract goals, deadlines, and requirements.

How to you make sure that seemingly disjointed PMOs are not making it impossible for you to keep on learning and improving?

Create an organization-wide PMO system.  Take ownership of your successes and identify and rectify deficiencies before they become uncontrollable.

Set yourself up to be a lifelong learner.

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