Why your Inbox should work for you and your Task Management

Last quarter our tech team released several new updates to your iSite Inbox and now that you have had a few weeks to get accustomed to the update we wanted to dive a bit deeper into why we made these changes.

Our goal when we make system improvements is to make iSite work harder and smarter for you especially when it comes to Task Management.

What does your Inbox number tell you?

With this in mind, our development team kept looking at that red number at the top of your screen and asked, why does someone click there? Just to click to another screen? Are we just adding steps?

The answer was, as you seasoned iSite users know, yes.  Clicking on the inbox gave you a list of items you needed to take care of, but it was just a list, a holding spot.  You could accomplish the same thing by going through the task manager.

The first iteration of the Inbox put us over one hurdle, but we knew we could do better.

Remember, work harder and smarter for you and your Task Management.

So we set our focus on what types of actions you could accomplish from inside the Inbox, without having to click to another module and on top of that we adjusted the way you can sort through items and moved some buttons to a more user-friendly space.

Now for many items, you need to accomplish for the day in iSite you can just click on your inbox and go!

Have you found the updates making your job easier?

Do you have any suggestions for future development?

Let us know by posting a comment or emailing us directly.

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