Compliance and Transparency? Yeah, we can help with that.

The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order is going to go into effect on October 25th and late last month the Obama Administration issued their final guide on the matter.

The folks at Federal News Radio have great coverage of what this executive order means for federal contractors, but to sum it up everyone in the contracting game is going to have to find their way towards more transparency in order to help ensure compliance.

The additional steps and requirements could increase the burden on your PMO especially when it comes to managing labor hours and subcontractors.

The good news? A solid PMO System will allow you to automate the new requirements so you don’t have to worry about penalties or sanctions.

For example, looking specifically at iSite’s built-in DCAA Timekeeping Module we can:

  1. Centralize all timesheets into one system
  2. Set up security roles so users only see what they should see
  3. Set up workflows so labor is logged and approved in one streamlined system
  4. Post news, information to users
  5. Track and review historical data

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