Excel shortcuts don’t cut it

We all know the feeling. It’s 4:30 PM on a Friday and your Government program manager needs to see your NASA 533.  You were ahead of the game.  Early this week you tracked down all your task managers, had them email you their spreadsheets so you could consolidate the data and roll it up into one tidy report for your customer.

There is just one problem. You have been pulling your hair out trying to figure out why your data is not lining up. One of your task managers must have their data wrong. Who was it that didn’t complete their excel training? Or did you transpose numbers or skip a cell? Is one of the formulas corrupted?

You have visions of spending your weekend trying to identify the issue (and double checking the 6 months of prior reports to make sure those were accurate).

The reality is that we are all humans and we will make mistakes and there is no better solution than setting up process automation to help keep you sane.

Automation allows you to bypass costs associated with errors.

Automation ensures predictable quality.

Automation makes you more efficient.

Automation gets you out of the door at 4 PM on a Friday because, well, your rock.

The folks over at Lifehack have some useful tips on automating your personal life and check out iSite’s automation features to see how we can help automate your work life.

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