Emotions? Not Your Normal PMO MO.

MeasureIn the age of data overload every aspect of your business has been touched by the ‘measure it, monitor it, improve it’ mantra.


And no portion of your organization has been impacted more by this mantra than customer satisfaction. After all, why wouldn’t you want to improve your customers’ experiences?  They are the reason you are in business and their satisfaction will be the reason you grow (or fail).


But as the folks over at Harvard Business Review (HBR) pointed out in their article this week we are so focused on tracking data and mapping experiences that we have forgotten that our customers are people too!


They have jobs to accomplish, bosses to impress, deliverables to, well, deliver and they are relying on you (or your product) to help them.


The problem is that you are likely one of many companies that provide similar services or sell a similar product that can help them equally well.


That’s the rub, with so many companies riding on the bandwagon of customer experience, the folks at HBR tell us that customer satisfaction is no longer the competitive differentiator it once was.


Think about this in terms of your PMO.  What do you do to really stand out to your client? Sure you are managing tasks as required by the SOW so your client is likely satisfied. You are doing your job. You are doing it well. Your past performance ratings are solid. And you feel comfortable that you will win the next contract you go after.


But how do you move the needle higher on the confidence scale?


Connect. Emotionally. With your client.


Back to HBR again, their research found that, in a business relationship, an emotional connection happens when you bring order and structure to your client’s job.


And for your PMO using a PMO System, such as iSite, can more than check off these boxes through automation, transparency, and collaboration.


Imagine if your CO automatically received reports without having to ask.

Imagine if your Executive Team could see your progress with interim data.

Imagine if your Subcontractors could collaborate in real time.


Would this help bring order and structure?




Will this help increase customer satisfaction?


Yes. But more importantly, it will increase loyalty.


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