Can you be efficient AND productive? The answer might surprise you


The folks over at Freakonomics Radio spent a month on self-improvement tips including an episode on how to be more productive.

You can catch the podcast here, but we wanted to highlight a surprising morsel:

There’s actually a big tension and a difference between efficiency and productivity.

Go ahead, we will give you a second to have that one sink in.  tug-of-war-1013740__340

They further explain that increasing efficiencies is all about increasing automation, that is taking all of the thinking out of an action and productivity is about taking control again.

But do those things need to be at odds?  What about implementing a system that automates the repetitive tasks of contract management and alerts you to areas where you need to take action and control? Can automation of the mundane free your contract managers to be more productive at their jobs?

As we dig in further to the episode the answer becomes a clear and resounding YES! In order to become more productive, no matter the task, you need to embrace 8 essential skills.

Focus, Goal-Setting, Decision Making, Innovation, Absorbing Data, Managing Others, and Teams

By implementing a smart contract management tool that automates and integrates your contract funding data, workflows, and risk analysis your task managers are free to focus on areas that need improvement, identifying goals, making informed decisions, innovating for future bids, absorb data across systems (internally and externally), manage others and create the best team they need in order to succeed.

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