Data silos, more than a bad idea

Silos are by design a structure for storing bulk materials, in segregation from other materials; but I am sure you know that’s not what we are talking about here.

We are, in fact, talking about the sometimes good, sometimes bad organizational silo.

Organizational silos occur when groups do not share information that would be beneficial to the success of, well anything.

Now before you think we have turned all total transparency on you, don’t worry. The only data silo you need to avoid is the one that segments critical information from critical staff.

Unless you are using the right tool you are often put in a no-win situation: share everything and risk subcontractors learning your competitive advantage for future contracts. Share nothing and risk missing opportunities for improvement and stickiness.

A good contract management tool will create an environment with security permissions and controls that allow any user to only access the information that they need. And that is nothing short of win-win.

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