A(nother) Case for Not Building In-House

Digitization and getting the most out of the data you digitize is the new norm.

“In fact, 87% of business leaders say that digitization is a priority for their company, according to CEB data, but two-thirds also say that their companies are not acting quickly enough to remain competitive.” – Source: Corporate IT: 4 Reasons the Plan-Build-Run Model Won’t Work Anymore | CEB Blogs

But as the folks at CEB point out most IT is still structured in the Plan-Build-Run past while trying to balance the current speed of development.

Here at iSite, we wholeheartedly agree.  By using a SaaS system, you are freeing your IT staff to help support other teams, not to put up roadblocks or delay tactics that hurt your bottom line.

Let SaaS companies, who are subject matter experts, provide the systems and tools that your IT team can then help integrate into the larger business model, use to help flatten information, and use to reduce the burden of in-house development.

Don’t let the rise of digitization be the downfall for your IT team.

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